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Senior Evaluations


Thanks to advances in veterinary medicine, our pets are enjoying much healthier and longer lives.  Unfortunately, they also experience physical changes and diseases that go along with the aging process.  Just like us they can experience diabetes, arthritis, cataracts, heart, kidney and dental disease as well as many other age related disorders.  Pets age faster per year than humans do.  Therefore, a dog or cat that is beginning its 7th or 8th year is entering the senior category.  If you own a giant breed dog, they are considered seniors at 5 years of age.  It is important to address health issues in the early stages in order to slow down their progression and minimize the physical damage that can occur.  The first step is to learn whether of not a disease is present and then to formulate a treatment of prevention plan.  By working with you, we as your pet's veterinarians want to extend the lifespan and quality of life for your pet.  In order to accomplish this, we are recommending a senior evaluation that can be tailored to suit your budget.  The following tests are important in evaluating your pet's current health status:


Complete Wellness Exam

This is a complete physical exam.  Many abnormalities are discovered during a thorough physical.


Blood Chemistry Analysis and Complete Blood Count

These tests are done to evaluate the blood and internal organ systems.



The ECG evaluates the heart rate, rhythm and size abnormalities.


Blood Pressure Evaluation

Just as in people, blood pressure affects many organ systems and needs to be measured.



The urine is a window on many disease conditions that may be present in the bladder.



These pictures of the chest, abdomen, spine and pelvis are helpful for observing arthritic change, heart enlargement, bronchiolar changes in the lungs, abdominal organ size and shape discrepancies as well as unexpected abnormalities.


Ocular Exam

This involves evaluation for cataract presence, eye pressure changes that could indicate early glaucoma, tear production changes, optic nerve and retinal abnormalities.


Fecal Analysis

Even older pets can pick up parasites from walks outdoors, from having fleas and from ingesting prey they've caught.


These tests can be performed during an out patient hospitalization which covers a half day's stay with us.


To encourage you to have these evaluations done on your pet, we are offering 3 different package prices that are all discounted 25% from regular fees.   We have the GOLD, SILVER and BRONZE packages.  In addition to the testing and examinations, we will also schedule a courtesy office consultation within a few days of receiving all of the test results.  We will go over those results with you and discuss what can be done to help your pet achieve the best quality of life possible.


Please contact either South Mill Pet Care or Doctors Park Veterinary Clinic for more information or to schedule your pet's senior evaluation.  We can work together to make your pet's senior years golden.



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